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Why pay $180 when you can make one for $20..

One day after running my Rincon hard we hit a small mud hole. As soon as I hit it something was wrong, my Rincon choked down, lost all power and it cut off. I noticed that alot of steam coming form the water hitting the hot motor. Looking into it, I found that the way the mid-body & factory snorkel is laid out makes it like a funnel for the steam causing it to be sucked into the air box choking it down. We removed the mid-body plastic and hit it again. WOW it was a different bike that was not going to let a mud puddle stop it... I knew I had to find a more permanent fix.



Now, I am not ususlly a fan of large, going deep snorkels. But this one was in need. I looked around the net and found a few that were nice BUT... $180 for a snorkel... They got to be crazy. Bayou Snorkels wanted $179 and Submarine Snorkels asked $189. For a bunch of plumbing pipe.... WTF???


Looking at them, there just too big for my under water adventures. I started looking into making my own and came up with the following for just at $20 from my local ACE Hardware store. So.. after some use, I went again for my buddies.. Spent a $20 bill and had change left over to get a soda.

I should call those other guys and see if they will through in a soda... lol..

Go to ACE, LOWES or any hardware and get the following.
- 90 deg. 2" PVC elbow - $2.49
- 45 deb. 2" PVC elbow - $1.79
- pvc adapter 1.5-2" - $1.49
- reducing flex couple 2"-1.5" - $5.23
- 6" of 2" pvc pipe - $.70
- 15" of 1.5" spa flex hose - $5.99

Pictures tell the rest..



Snorkel Kit

Snorkel 1

Snorkel 2

Snorkel 3

Snorkel 4

Snorkel 5

Snorkel 6

Snorkel 7

Snorkel 8

Snorkel 9

Snorkel 10

Snorkel 11

Snorkel 12

Snorkel 14

Snorkel 15

Directions if you need them:

  1. Remove factory snorkel (picture 4)
  2. Over look over your parts to insure can make the snorkel as pictured. (1, 2, 3)
  3. Take the 6" PVC pipe and put the flex coupling on one end. (6)
  4. put those 2 pieces into the factory air box coupling. (7)
  5. use 45 deg as a guide to cut hole in mid-body plastic. You should make it tad oblonged from front to back because pipe will come in at an angle. (8)
  6. put reducer on end of spa hose.
  7. put 45 deg. elbow on reducer. (15) You can glue this together if you like.
  8. insert spa hose into flex coupling at air box. (9 & 10)
  9. pull spa hose to enter hole (11) hole adjustment will need to be made to reduce stress on the plastic.
  10. put 90 deb. elbow on on last (12) DO NOT GLUE, you may want to remove it sometime!
  11. tighten up all screws on the air box coupling and the flex coupling.
  12. paint it up and your DONE.

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