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We decided to bore the throttle body of our Rincon Trx680. Because we did not want to be with out a body for a week or so, we decided to just order a new one and have it done. So we did, ordred a new body from Honda, list price $145. 

Once we received it we sent it off to MaxBore. There they bored it out for us for around $120. They had it back to us in about a week looking good. (see pictures)

We switched them out in about 30 min. hopping for a huge difference. We also installed a new JET and IACV just to insure it worked at top notch. 

Run 1 - no adjustment to the EFI programer - Could not tell much of a difference, Its top speed did increade by 1 MPH. but that could of been the wind blowing us.

Run 2 - adjusted the programer for more fuel - Oh ya... there it is. What a difference that made. We could tell right off the punch that it had some more push. Down the road it tacked out.

With out a dyno, we can not say what the imporvement was. However we could fell it and would reccomend it to anyone looking for a bit more.  

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