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Timing / Cam chain Problems.

On the Saudia Arabia trip (4-5-03) I kind of sunk the Rubi in some mud. This lead to mud in the crab and it not running. After cleaning I still could not get it to run right. So I decided to let my dealer take a look at it, after 2 months in the shop they finally got it running. They said it just had water in the oil and that’s all. Once home it still did not run right. Refusing to take it back to the dealer, due to their slowness, I decided to fix it myself. After some tuning I got it running OK but with a loud noisy coming from the piston head, thinking it was the valves I adjusted 2-3 times and still the noisy. On a test ride around the field I hit a good size bump and off came the cam chain. After talking to some friends I decided to replace it my self only due to the fact that I would have the job completed even before my dealer got the gas tank off. With-in 2 days of off and on working on it I had it apart and parts on order. As you see I had to make a clutch puller that Honda wanted $60 for, I made it for $6. A week latter parts are now in and I will have the job completed soon. I’ll post more info once I get time..

As you can see the old chain (left) is about 1/2 in longer than the new one (right).
$6 clutch puller
Home made $6 clutch puller

inside the case
Inside the case

parts on table
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I used a 2" pipe dresser from my local hardware store. The threads fit the clutch like a glove. I used a long bolt and nut to make the press. Welded the nut to the end and I now have a clutch puller for $6 + time welding. I have used it 3 times now. My most recent was when I decided to part my Rubicon out vs. selling it as is...

Rubicon Timing Chain - Old vs New

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