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 After buying a set of 28" Silverbacks and test riding them around a bit we decided that the current stock Rincon could not easily handle such a huge set of tires.

We decided to look into the Big Red Gear Swap instructions that we found over at atv-guru.com. 






The ALL CREDIT and instructions can be found here at:

www.ATV-GURU.com/BigRedGearSwap.htm (dead link)

Instructions were also saved at HondaSxS.com

Total parts to do the swap cost us around $165+. 

Also we had gear dog issues such as is talked about in part 5 and decided to replace the case seals since we were there...

Those parts cost $226+ and are listed below also.

Here is our part list for just the gear install.

Part Number Quantity Description List Price
23621-HL1-A00 1 GEAR (16T) $25.56
23722-HL1-A00 1 GEAR A (13T) $48
23631-HL1-A00 1 GEAR (41T) $42.84
90459-HN8-B40 1 WASHER (25X46X2) $3.62
11345-HN8-000 1 GASKET, RR. COVER $20.21
11396-HN8-A60 1 GASKET $13.71
91311-MB0-003 1 O-RING (18.5X2.4) $1.56
91305-KE1-000 1 O-RING (19.4X2.3) $1.38
91203-KCY-671 2
OIL SEAL (25X35X5)
91305-GE1-920 1 O-RING (9X1.8) $1.29
    Total =  $165.50

Here is a list of additional parts we chose to replace.. the 3 case seals, gear dogs, and gear shift fork due to damage.

91021-HN8-003 1 BEARING (25X37X17) $11.35
91203-KCY-671 2 OIL SEAL (25X35X5) - Main shaft seal's $5.82
91261-MB0-003 1 OIL SEAL (34X50X7) - Pull starter seal $9.53
24211-HL1-A00 1 FORK, GEARSHIFT $45.8
23641-HN8-000 1 SHIFTER, FINAL - Gear dogs $24.87
23645-HN8-000 2 GUIDE, FINAL SHAFT - Gear dogs $61.69
90616-969-000 1 CLIP (32.5MM) - just in case $1.6
    Total = 226.17

*prices dated 2010

Rincon 680 28" silverbacks

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