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TRX680 High Idle IACV

If your Rincon or other EFI Honda ATV has a High Idle at start up, then the following will help you correct the issue. The problem is that the computer controlled "choke" valve is stuck. Most likely contaminated with small dirt or derby. Follow the directions below to remove the Idle Air Control Valve (IACV) and clean it out. Honda recommends that it be replaced to stop a repeat problem.

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Trx680 IACV First clean the area well, any dirt that may fall into the throttle body will cause more problems for you. You will notice that it is not easy to get to, Honda has put special screws on this item to that it can not be removed with normal tools. We recommend replacing the bolts with (--bolt size??--) hex bolts that you can find at most local hardware stores. To remove these bolts use a pare of vice grips to grip and turn the bolt head, once broken loose they will easily screw out.
TRX680 High Idle IACV Remove the retainer and slowly pull out the IACV. Test the IACV, Be careful not to loose any pieces. Hold the IACV to the side and turn the key on, the IACV should spin for a sec, then stop, But the IACV should spin out on the shaft just a bit once it looses power, this is normal. If it does not spin or spin out then it may be contaminated. Put a small bit of oil on it and try it again. If it does nothing it will need to be replaced.
TRX680 High Idle IACVloc

To reinstall, clean the hole well, make sure no dirt or trash had fallen into the hole. If so it must be removed. Now install the IACV into the throttle body while aligning the valve slit with the guide pin in the throttle body hole. Install the retainer and the bolts and tighten them up but not super tight, recommended putting a bit of loctight on them. 

Crank your ATV in Natural, if it still idles high then the IACV may need to be replaced.

Below is what the Service Manual says.

[adsense:200x200:7946643745] While it's normal for the idle speed to be high when the engine is first started, the idle should soon return to normal rpm (1,400 +/-). Since the idle speed is not adjustable on this model, a high idle speed condition that continues past warm-up, requires further investigation. Using the Service Manual, Check the throttle lever free-play and inspect for air leaks. Then check the Idle Air Control Valve (IACV). If you find the IACV stuck open, replace it because there may be contamination that could cause a repeat problem. Ensure the air cleaner and air intake track are maintained properly, to keep dirt from damaging this valve. This will not trigger a DTC or MIL computer code because this is a mechanical problem, not an electrical malfunction.
The IACV is installed on the throttle body and is operated by the step motor. When the ignition switch is turned ON, the IACV operates for a few seconds.
Check the step motor operating (beep) sound with the ignition switch turned ON.
NOTE: The IACV operation can be checked visually as following:
Remove the IACV from the throttle body with its 4P (Black) connector in place, then turn the ignition switch ON.
Always clean the throttle body before the IACV removal to prevent dirt and debris from entering the IACV passage.
Disconnect the IACV 4P (Black) connector.
Remove the two screws, IACV retainer and IACV.
Install new O-ring and seal plate onto the IACV.
Install the IACV into the throttle body while aligning the valve slit with the guide pin in the throttle body.
Install the IACV retainer while aligning the valve boss with the groove in the retainer.
Install and tighten the two screws to the specified torque.
TORQUE: 2.1 N m (0.21 kgf-m, 1.5 Ibfft)
Connect the IACV 4P (Black) connector.
TRX680FA/FGA High Idle Speed

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