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The Brown Mountain Off-Highway-Trail System in the Grandfather Ranger District of Pisgah National Forest offers 34 miles of rugged, mountainous trails with lots of challenges. The trails range in difficulty from “easy” to “most difficult.” The map’s legend shows difficulty levels with symbols. In addition, the ;legend shows which trails are open to dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles and four-wheel-drive vehicles. Mountain bikers may use trails at their own risk the same fee is required. The map will help you decide which trails are best for you and your level of experience. Enjoy your ride at Brown Mountain!

Local Towns: 
Cost and Fee info: 
Daily pass = $5, Season pass = $30 Passes are not sold at Trail Head
Passes can be bought from many local stores.
Grandfather Ranger District (828) 652-2144; Oak Hill Grocery (828)437-3810; Hoyles Grocery (828)754-9718
Fun Cycles, Inc. (828)874-4680; Cloer’s Grocery (828)433-9440; Jonas Ridge Outfitters (888)737-0660
Dates Open: 
April 1 - Jan. 1
Trail Contact Info: 
Grandfather Ranger District
828-652-2144 U.S. Forest Service
Forest Service 109 East Lawing Drive
Nebo, NC 28761
Trail Rules and Guidelines: 
Rules Strictly Enforced
Helmet Required
Gloves Required
Boots Required
No Littering - Bring it in - Bring it out
No Glass Bottles
No Passengers unless ATV is factory equipped for passengers
No Alcohol Allowed
No Drugs Allowed

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