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The Uwharrie National Forest provides a variety of natural resources, including clean rivers and streams, diverse vegetation for scenery, wildlife habitat and wood products. There is also a wide variety of recreational activities, and the Forest is a natural setting for tourism and economic development.

The Forest is located within a 2-hour drive from the largest population centers in the State. Recreational use is growing, especially in the Badin Lake area and along the 20-mile, Uwharrie National Recreation Trail. Miles of trails designated for hikers, Off Road Vehicles and Bikes make the Uwharrie a popular spot.   


Local Towns: 
Eldorado, Uwharrie, and Troy. All these towns are on Hwy. 109
Cost and Fee info: 
Daily pass = $5, Season pass = $30 Passes are not sold at Trail Head
Passes Must be obtain pass from local vendor before entering the Trail Head
Local Vendors: Mullinix Store, Hwy 109 Uwharrie; Eldorado Outpost, Hwy 109, Eldorado;
Swift Island BP, Hwy 24/27 River Rd. ; Jake's Store, Hwy 109, Troy, NC
Dates Open: 
April 1 - Dec. 15
Trail Contact Info: 
789 NC 24/27 East
Troy, NC 27371
Trail Rules and Guidelines: 
Rules Strictly Enforced
Helmet Required
No Littering - Bring it in - Bring it out
No Passengers unless ATV is factory equipped for passengers
No Alcohol Allowed
No Drugs Allowed
Trail Map: 
Trail Map
Trail Map

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