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West Virginia

Over 500 miles of trails, ATV-friendly communities, Something for every skill level, Excellent safety record, The off-road experience you're looking for!

Local Towns: 
Logan, Danville, Pineville, Williamson, Northfork, Welch, Parkersburg, Parkersburg, Gilbert, Verner, Man, Baisden, Amherstdale, Matewan, Beckley
Cost and Fee info: 
WV Residents: $26.50 (w/ tax)
Non-Resident: $50.00 (w/ tax)
Dates Open: 
365 days a year
Trail Contact Info: 
Trail Rules and Guidelines: 
Rules Strictly Enforced
Helmet Required
Gloves Required
Boots Required
No Littering - Bring it in - Bring it out
No Glass Bottles
No Passengers unless ATV is factory equipped for passengers
No Alcohol Allowed
No Drugs Allowed
Experience some of the best Free riding you can find. Trails range from easy to very experienced. The price is right in line with everyone's wallet... Its FREE... Stay at the Wagon Wheel, stay a week and tour the 100's of miles to trails running through the wild and wonderful mountains  of W.V. and even into Kentucky with a guide. If this is your first trip, It is highly recommended to hire a guide. Otherwise, you should take a GPS to track your way.  These trails are long and winding around many mountains. Trails are everywhere and lead to more trails left and right.
Local Towns: 
Welch, NorthFork, Pineville, Mullens
Cost and Fee info: 
Free, Free, Free...
Did I mention.. There FREE.
Dates Open: 
Year Round
Trail Contact Info: 
See Websites.
Trail Rules and Guidelines: 
State Laws Only

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