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Rincon Reverse Override (Plug-n-Play) w/switch

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Override the reverse on your Rincon to allow full power in reverse. Power out of those mud holes and stop the sputtering that comes when you pass the 10 MPH rev limit in reverse. Ths item is Plug-n-Play, meaning there is nothing to cut, wire, or tape together. Just plug it in and its ready to go, remove it and its back to factory specs.

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Ready for your Hodna Rincon.
-Water Proof Switch.
– Sealed electronics.
– OEM HONDA plugs.

It works in the same method as a override button on a Polaris, but operates via a switch vs a button. You have full control when it works by cutting the override off and on via the included water proof switch.

Note: There are some side effects to this method, please read and understand.
1 – Reverse light will no longer work when override is ON.
2 – Display will read “D” when it is in reverse.
3 – According to Honda, it voids the warranty… Thats why its removable!!!

This has been tested and works on the following Rincon’s
– Trx680 EFI 2006-2012
– Trx650 2003-2005

This works for all years, both EFI and Carb!

Please use the Contact Us link with any questions you may have.

Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 1 in


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