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Homemade Custom Lift Kit for a 2001 Trx500 Rubicon.

Front Lift Parts

Pic 1, The Lift

Pic 2, The Front Brace

Pic 3, Front Lift

Pic 4, Front Lift

Pic 5, Front Lift

Pic 6, Rear Lift

Pic 7, Rear Lift

Pic 8, Rear Lift

Pic 9, Rear Right

Pic 10, Rear Right Brace

Pic 11, Rear Lifted

Pic 12, Lift Completed

Pic 13, 13" of Clearance


This cost me around 10 dollars to make (a savings of $80).
It took about 2 hours to make it due to trial and error.

This idea works for the Rubicon & 450

Make your own
Note: "This is for a Rubicon Only, Other ATV's may require other modifications and or parts"
ATV's with CV boot guards may experience difficulties
Supplies Needed:
4ft of 3/16" thick by 1" steel
4 - 2", 3/8" Hex-bolts
4 - 3/8" lock nuts
4 - 1" spacers
2 - U bolts

I started out by cutting 8 pieces 2.5in long and drilling 2 holes in each 1.5" apart from center to center. These peace's will be used as the lift. (pic 1)

Front lift
I had to cut 2 braces for the front lift 1 for each side (this keeps the lift angled with the shocks) These 2 pieces were 4.5" long and had 3 holes, one hole was  3/4" from the top the other two where 1/5" and 1&6/8" from the bottom. (pic 2)
After unbolting the front shocks at the A arms I used the 2 lift pieces and the 1" spacer and put that together on the A arm bracket, then I took one of the the braces and the U bolts and bolted it to the A-arm then bolted the lifts, brace, and shock together using one 3/8" Hex-bolt and lock nut (pic 3,4,5)
Now align the lift and the brace with the shock and tighten all the bolts up.
Repeat for the other front side.

Rear lift
The rear requires 2 additional braces of different lengths
the left brace is 3" long with holes 1&3/4" apart the right brace is 5&1/2" long with holes 4&1/4" apart Both rear braces require bending to allow them to attach to the frame. After unbolting the rear shocks I bolted 2 lift pieces and one 1" spacer to each bracket. Then I bolted the braces and the shocks to the lift pieces using one 3/8" Hex-bolt one each side then bolted the braces to the frame of the ATV using the factory bolts on the frame. These braces were bolted in different spots on each side. (pic 6,7,8, 9, 10)

Finished (pics 11,12,13)

This may not fit all ATV's and that ATV's with CV boot guards may experience difficulties. Please note that By following these instructions, I can not and will not be held accountable for any damage done to your ATV. If you have any major problems please contact your local ATV shop for assistance.

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